It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the Academy of the reason for a child's absence as soon as possible.
We ask parents to inform us on the first day of absence so that we are immediately alerted to possible problems.
The Academy’s expectations about the reporting of absence are:
If a child is not coming into Academy, Parents should call the: Absence Line and/or speak to the Attendance Manager on the first morning they are absent or if they have an urgent Doctor or Dentist appointment at the beginning of the school day.
A parent may inform the Academy of an absence by note or by personal contact. If a telephone message is received to inform of an absence, the student is also expected to bring in a note on return to the Academy. Where a child is ill, the Academy should be notified of the nature of the illness and the expected date of return to the Academy.


Academy Strategies for continued improvement in Attendance & Punctuality


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