About School


"The school provides a supportive and welcoming environment for its students"


Social Convent School was established in 1992 and is situated to the Basti Sheikh and is one of the most popular schools in Jalandhar. Between the years 1994-1995, it was the most improved school in Jalandhar. The work of the school is based around its core values of AET - Achieving Excellence Together.
Progress of the school has been impressive since its expansion with the local authority judging progress as 'outstanding' and HMI judging teaching, learning, behavior & leadership and progress as all being good.
Social Convent School is a School with extra resources; these are put back in to extra opportunities for students and a wide range of community provision.
A feature of the school is that over 2,500 people use the school site each week outside of school time. This ranges from sports, adult education, and local community groups etc.
The school prides itself on its commitment to proving the best possible learning environment for its staff and students alike. Visitors often comment very favorably upon the working environment and the way it is looked after.


Education does not mean merely to acquire counting or measuring knowledge about the world which lies immediately beyond us. The most important aspect of it is, the transformation of the spirit of human mind in such a way as helps in moulding the human life, enabling him to lead his life not only in a better and nice way but also to show his creative participation in the activity of every social sphere. This has always been the motive of SOCIAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS ever since its establishment in Basti Sheikh, Jalandhar. This group has a very good past, excellent present and a bright future.
This is the only institute where the children not only feel the homely atmosphere but also learn the moral values, manners and etiquettes. Our old students have attained distinctions in the sphere of studies, sports and moral activities. We are confident that our team of dedicated teachers would leave no stone unturned to help the students to maintain this glorious tradition.
The institution started its career as a small sapling and now it is fully developed into a big tree, having beautiful branches. It has become the talk of Punjab. Now this institution has stepped in to the field of Management & Information Technology (The affiliation of this college is with Punjab Tech. University). The main branch of Social Group of Institutions is affiliated with the Punjab School Education Board up to 10+2. Our Second English medium branch named “Social Convent School” is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.). Our third branch Social Convent is situated in Tagore Nagar. Now the Social Group has entered in Distt. Education Program with arc of Sikkim Manipal University. The aim of our school is to educate the young minds to promote moral and spiritual values and also to inculcate love and sacrifice, simple living and high thinking.



“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”
― Walter Cronkite