Late Smt. K.D. Kalia

Founder Chairperson


“Climbing to the top demands strength whether it is to the top of the Mount Everest or to the top of the career”


Founder Chairperson Madam K.D. Kalia always believed in the above nineteen Quote. She is the one who struggled her whole life for the welfare of the society. All the achievements of the Social Group are the results of her never ending labours the provided the education to many girls who were need. She was a generous lady who tried to make people aware of the Value of Education in the slum areas and the made it this dream a reality. Her hand work provided many Engineers, Doctors, and Teachers etc. to the society. Her last words to the Institution were


“Life only meaning in struggle”


and we believe in these words. You will always be our Inspiration.



Sh. Lovel Kalia



I was and still I am, a strong believes that every child can happily and successfully learn if offered the right program and approach.

"Social Group" was established with a dream of providing quality education in the area. Education in recent years has become stress creating phenomena for students, parents and school. At SOCIAL we plan to create a system where education is made interesting to remove stress.

At a younger age playful ways of learning is given importance and as students get into upper classes a practical way of learning is given importance. We care about results, but not exclusively. We believe education is about more than grades: it is about awareness of the world, about independent thoughts, about values. It is about the benefits of team spirit, of culture, of academic ambition. It is about learning with enthusiasm. It is about growing up in a caring community where all, staff and students alike, are passionate about what they do. That is what we aspire to and, I am confident, deliver.

Do come and see for yourselves: meet the students, meet the staff, and meet me. I look forward to welcoming you to Social Group.



Smt. Suman Kalia

Managing Director


Social Group completion 40 years of servicing the Society. During these span of 40 years, the social has created a niche and secured an honorable status among the schools and colleges of the area. Clean vision and share goals are paramount for any organization. Thus there is a need to redefine the goals as well as the parameters of our performance. There is a need to break the mould. There is a need to challenge the difficulties let us dream big and fly high. Let us pray to Almighty to shower his Benedictions on all those involved in this energising, dynamic and spirited of moving beyond excellence with a never ending urge to excel. At last I wish all the young achievers the very best for them bright & promising future.



Mrs. Radhika Banati



I feel immense pleasure to extend my heartly welcome to the students and the newcomers seeking admission to this wellestablished institution. I also extend congratulations to the students who have achieved success in the previous examinatioin. I feel proud to announce that our old students have attained distinction inthe sphere of studies and they have bought name and fame to the institution. I hopefully expect the new entrants to maintain the glorious tradition set by our previous students bringing credit to the institution. This educational centre provides most congenial atmosphere to the student by providing all sorts of facilities in the sphere of studies. we are determined to ensure overall development of the students and enable them to become good citizen. We have team of devoted and competent teacher who can render all type of guidance and help to the students. We don't give any chance to students to face any kind of problems. We all, along with our team of teachers, are always ready to welcome you to solve your problems.

My role as principal is primary to work with parents and staff, to create a learning environment that is staff happy and healthy and effective, given all that school need to according with our student. I take my job very seriously, and would be happy to hear from you about any ideas or suggestions you might have to continuously improve the great school that we have here.

Please know, I have an open door policy for staff, students and parents. So if you ever want to have a talk with me about anything, I welcome your contact.

I wish your stay in the school be rewarding period of academic career. Paying for your longevity and prosperity, I once more welcome you and bless you for success in life.



Mr. Parshant Kalia

Director Principal


Ienvisioned a school for children which will be one of the best in the city. A school which will be a hub of creative activity, where vibrant color, confidence and laught will be the hallmark, where every child will invest in his/her own growth and the growth of others. A place where the children are happy and smiles abounded and above all, where cultureand tradition are imbued along with high standards of academics and sports. Then began the quest to translate this vision into reality. A team of eminent educationists put their minds together to plan and implement. I had invested my years into a fruitful thing that is Social Group of Institutions from where amny students are and will be excelling in their different fields. Although I am not physically present over there in Social Group of Institutions yet my soul is in that place. I always pray to the Almighty that the choicest blessings of him should shower on our budding students so that they can do something for the noble cause of the society.

"If you think you are beaten, you Are.

If you think you Dare not, you Don't.

If you would like to Win but think you can't

It almost contain, You won't

Life is a battle do not always go

To the stronger or faster man,

But sooner or later, the Man who Wins is the Man who thinks he CAN."

Parshant Kalia

(Director principal)