Code of Conduct



A student shall conform to high standards of discipline and shall conduct himself, within and outside of the Institute, in a manner befitting the students and Institute.

He/She shall have the seriousness of the purpose and shall in everyway train himself to lead a life of earnest Endeavour and co-operation.


Class Lectures

Regular Class lectures are delivered with the help of audio-visual equipments.

During Lectures two way communication between the instructor and the Students is always encouraged for strengthening the fundamental base of students.


Code of Conduct

In order to promote ethical behavior, the Institute requires every student to agree to abide by the code of conduct. Code of conduct which includes the following :-

  1. Students should be regular & punctual in classes.
  2. Students are not supposed to leave the School/Institute during the classes.
  3. Students must not avoid Institute tests/ House exams.
  4. Students should always be in possession of their Identity Cards.
  5. Students should maintain cleanliness in the campus.
  6. Students found using drugs or indulging in immoral acts would be expelled.
  7. Students are not supposed to leave the school/Institute during the classes.
  8. Students should not give any gift to any employee of the School/ Institute.
  9. Student should develop the habit of forming the queue.
  10. No student is allowed to involve the name and campus of the institute in any publication or outside activity without prior permission of the Director.
  11. Students are to maintain perfect discipline during tours, sports, annual functions or any other functions organized by the School/Institute.

Parent-Teacher Interface-communication to build bridge

Learning is a continuous process which doesn’t start or end with school timings. Social Convent International School, Jalandhar is committed to give the children an environment conducive to learning and achieving their goals. However it is not possible to nurture these young minds without the help and commitment of the parents. To fulfil this joyous and enriching mission we have always looked forward and achieved the support of the parents. Regular Parent Teachers Meetings are held to facilitate both the teachers and the parents to work together on a common platform. Along with these Parent-Teachers Meetings, we organize Interface with the parents of all classes, where in the parents are at liberty to put across to the Principal.


House System

School has 4 houses, clubs consisting of students as collective members named Cambridge & Pioneer for Girls, Oxford & Cerritos for Boys, to maintain the discipline of school, to take care of environment, plantation ot trees and for many other activities. Eco Club of our school prepares the students for various cultural activities, depicting rich culture heritage of India. School celebrates Annual Day, Teachers Day, Independence Day, Republic Day and Childrens Day every year.



In order to promote smartness,etiquettes the Institute requires every student to agree to abide by the rules for uniform. :-
  1. Students should be in proper uniform at all times.
  2. Shoes should be properly polished.
  3. Uniform should be properly washed and ironed.

Dress Code