In Pre-Nursery play is an invaluable way to stimulate all areas of development for young children. Play together with informal, ongoing instruction, is used as a vehicle for learning. Children are provided with a variety of stimulating activities to develop easy concepts and skills of literacy. They constantly learn basic skills through games, music, artwork, stories, poetry, films and computers.




Children learn mainly through play and interactive activities to further language & vocabulary development (using storytelling, rhyming, games and enacting stories), improve social skills (having the children to work together to role play, structured and free play) and introduce scientific and mathematical concepts (showing the children how to balance and count blocks when building a bridge or how to Mix colours, when painting). Thus, a less structured approach, including small group lessons, one on one instruction and learning through creative activities such as art, dance and music is adopted.



Primary Section (I-V)

The young learner is exposed to a wide variety of subjects and study material which is suitably graded at this stage. Students learn basic maths, English and Hindi. Subjects like General Science, Social studies and Computer Education are also introduced. They learn to work on computers in the multimedia lab which is especially equipped to meet the needs of the youngest learners.



Middle Section (VI-VIII)

All students from classes VI to VIII study English, Hindi, Punjabi, Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Social Studies (History, Civics and Geography .The co-curricular activities include Art, music, Dance, Electronics, Science, Physical Education and Computer Education.



Secondary School (IX-X)

Classes IX and X follow the CBSE curriculum which includes 5 subjects; English, a second language (Hindi /Punjabi / Sanskrit ) Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology ) and Social Science (History, Civics, Geography ) co-curricular subjects include Physical Education and Work Experience .
The class X course culminates with the final based examination, which is conducted by the Central Board Of Secondary Education.




The curriculum is a fusion of sports. dramatics, dance, music, computers, art and craft and academics, all developed to create a blend of activity based learning and development of body and mind.



Teaching Methodolgy

Teaching methods in the classroom are interactive and aim at generating interest and developing a range of learning skills. Teachers find a variety of approaches that stimulate interest and motivation among the students. Group Discussions and projects, educational trips and excursions information technology, seminars, cultural and sports events form an integral part of the education imparted in the school. Besides developing their creativity and communication skills, their evaluation is simple and effective. The assessment is on the basis of the weekly tests and day to day performance ensures consistent quality learning where students are confident in averring themselves. The curriculum and teaching are practical and aim at developing communicative competence, expressing ideas and freedom of thought, tolerance and respect for individuals. Above all, we seek to develop our children as socially and morally upright individuals.



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