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Glimpses of School Campus

"Just as the kind of home the child grows up in, plays a deciding role in determining what sort of personality pattern he will develop, so does the school."

The Social Convent International School is stationed on the Jalandhar-Kapurthala highway, which is run by Social Model Educational Society (Regd.), Jalandhar.
The School offers a CBSE, New Delhi based curriculum supported by international teaching standard for students from Nursery to grade 10+2 (Arts,Commerce,Medical,Non-medical). The school aims at bringing about a qualitative change in the education system which cultivates in every child, a mind that can analyze, observe and apply to life situation.
It aims at a balance between the latest in science & technology and the basic values much needed to be taught. We, at SOCIAL don't hold superficial pretensions of providing merely a glittering campus of Knowledge but through our creative system of education we do guarantee an all round development of our pupils .We wish to offer an aesthetic education which will help in the preservation of natural intensity of all modes of perception and sensation for each of our pupil.
The School endeavour is to provide...

We Believe In...
  1. Integrity, self esteem democratic values, dignity of rights and focused devotion to the goal of quality education for Global Citizenship.
  2. Noble task of shaping up human excellence and nurturing young receptive minds. Potentiality of the individual for evolution of mind and spirit.
  3. Working passionately for the realization of our dreams and ideals with vigour and commitment.
  • AC Classrooms with latest Infrastructure
  • Toy, Art & Craft, Music & Dance rooms.
  • Well Stocked Library
  • Well Educated Faculty
  • Science, Math, Language and Computer Labs with Internet connectivity.
  • Spacious play grounds and activity room.
  • Fleet of Buses with mobile phones.
  • Stress & Polution free environment.
  • Social development of child.
  • Canteen, providing hygenic eatables.
Our Vision & Mission


Tthis school aims at broadening the mental horizon of students and to develop a global perspective in them. We envision to create model specimens of liberated students strongly rooted in time tested values along with it we aim at developing each student spiritually, physically and intellectually. Our mission is to create a shared vision based on a set of core beliefs to engage all in a continued development and improvement process.